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Classic Cabaret Floorwork with Anaheed in DVD format
The art of floor work is a classic part of the American Cabaret belly dance routine. Sinuous and hypnotic, it displays the dancer's skill and strength like no other portion of the dance. In this video, Anaheed shares the secrets of dancing gracefully and safely on the floor, so you can add mystery and power to your performances.

This video includes:
• Warm-up exercises to prepare to perform floor work and strengthen the muscles used in this demanding art form.
• How to descend to the floor gracefully.
• Classic floor movements including Seated, Back Layouts, Side Layouts, Crawls and Traveling, and Veil.
• How to ascend gracefully.
• A costumed performance by Anaheed, including her fabulous floor work.

$35 + $5.00 shipping

Use the mail-in order form to purchase this DVD.


An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance (EEMED) - DVD format

Anaheed has participated in the EEMED shows and highly recommends these quality DVDs!  As stated by Amara, the show's originator:

The purpose of An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance is to create a space for Middle Eastern dancers and belly dancers to perform their unusual or controversial works. The concerts consist of vignettes that are constructed, choreographed, and performed by a variety of dancers. The pieces, based in the Middle Eastern dance idiom, make present borders, edges, and standard representations visible by pushing past them. They also bring to light the often covered-up and neglected issues of gender roles, cultural appropriation, the ambiguity of eroticism and sexuality, the role of the audience, and stereotyping.

These DVDs feature performances by such great dancers as Amara, Anaheed, Desert Sin, Tandemonium, and more!

To order EEMED shows both past and present, please visit the producer at:

Warning: These videos contain nudity and other images that may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

EEMED 2001

EEMED 2002

Call Anaheed at (818) 893-9019 or send email to email for more information.

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