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Perfumes of Araby Swap Meet Perfomer Guidelines


Performance: Soloists are allowed up to seven minutes. However FIVE minutes or less can offer more scheduling options. Troupes with 3 people or more are allowed up to 10 minutes. Please note: In order to allow the maximum number of dancers a chance to perform, we request that you appear on the stage only once - either as a soloist OR with a group, but not both. Thank you for understanding and sharing the time!

Music: Performance music is accepted on either CD or cassette tape. Please do not use an ipod or iphone since the busy announcer table cannot keep track of many valuable devices!  Also please make sure that your performance music is the ONLY music on your recording. It is also highly recommended that you bring a backup copy with you... just in case.

Time: When registering, you may request a specific time to perform, or just which part of the day you prefer. We will do our best to get you as close to the time requested as possible. You will receive a call or email message at least one week prior to the event to confirm your exact spot. Be sure we have a phone number or email address to contact you.

Preparation: The performance stage at the Swap Meet is raised (approx. three feet high), and the dimensions are approximately 8 feet by 12 feet. The stage is floored with smooth artificial wood and is usually comfortable for bare feet or shoes. There is no backstage area as such; once you are ready, you will be waiting next to the stage, often in view of at least some of the audience memebers. You will will need to go up a couple of steps to begin your performance. Please choose a choreography or routine that is suitable for this environment. For dance companies: There is no official limit on the number of dancers that can participate. Some groups have even divided into sections to comfortably fit on the stage. We do recommend that you limit the number of dancers on stage at any one time for safety's sake!

How to Register: You can register to perform by using the on-line Registration Form. Please see instructions below:

Use the on-line Registration Form to reserve a time to perform.
How to do: Click on the link above to go to the form. Fill out the fields and hit the "Submit Information" button at the end when you're done. If your information was submitted correctly, you must reach the "thank you" page, which says "You successfully submitted your registration form to the next Swapmeet event.". You should also expect to receive an e-mail from Anaheed confirming your registration within 1 week. Please call or e-mail Anaheed if you haven't got your confirmation.


1. Please arrive in time to be ready 15 minutes before your designated start time. We ocassionally have "no-shows," so we need to move on if the next performer is ready.

2. Upon arrival, check in at the entrance desk, then take your music to the stage and check in with MC / DJ before your performance.

3. If you would like the MC to announce information about you other than your name, please write a short statement and give it to the MC when you check in. If your text is not typed, then clear printing is appreciated!

4. If you are on the waiting list to perform, keep listening for announcements and check with the MC frequently. You never know when a spot will open up and your chance will come!

5. The designated dressing area is in the large rest rooms, and also another small side room when available to us. Thank you for being considerate in close quarters!

6) Have fun! The Swap Meet always has a very supportive audience!

Friendly reminders... don't forget to warm up your muscles and do your stretches before going on stage. Also remember to check all of the fasteners on your costume, and have lots of safety pins in place as backup!

Thank you for participating in our event!

Page updated 06/25/18

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